Support Groups

COVID Support Groups

These are uncertain and uncharted waters. As we grapple with rapid change and increased physical isolation, it has become all the more important to find ways to connect and be supported by community. The COVID Support Circles seek to hold space for feelings of anxiety, grief, frustration and uncertainty while also allowing gratitude and opportunity into the conversation.

• Community agreements (confidentiality, respect, online etiquette)
• Introductions
• Grounding exercise
• Sharing and discussion of themes of gratitude, grief, challenges and opportunities
• Closing activity


We set ground rules and ask participants to treat each other with respect and keep what is shared during the meetings confidential. However, as we are casting an open invitation and using an online software program (Zoom), we cannot guarantee what others will not share. We ask that you be mindful of this in what you decide to share.


COVID Support Circles are a virtual support group for those experiencing emotional distress and uncertainty related to COVID. The circles do not provide medical service or professional counselling, and are not a substitute for professional care and treatment. The co-facilitators are here to facilitate peer support and cannot provide medical advice. If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911. For mental health support, please see your province and community’s mental health resources.


    If you would like a COVID support group facilitated within your community or organization, Contact me and we can collaborate.